How to choose the best paper and the best filter for smoking marijuana

How to choose the best paper and the best filter for smoking marijuana

Selecting the papers and filters that are best for you completely depends on your preferences and the style of roll you have . Do you want your rolling papers to be easy to use or are you willing to go a little further to get the right smoke? Do you prefer a perfectly straight joint or are you more of conical shapes?

As you decide which papers you want to use, you’ll also have to consider things like how agile your fingers are , how big the joint you want to roll, or even how much ash it’s capable of producing, especially if you’re smoking indoors.

Whether you are a new smoker or a subject matter expert looking to go beyond the usual roles, this mini-guide should help you move to the next level. All examples are available at LaMota  so you can be supplied with a wide selection of papers and filters with which to get the perfect smoke at all times.

Natural hemp rolling papers

Hemp is an easy choice when it comes to choosing a role – you’re basically covering your cannabis with more cannabis. Since they are sturdy and easy to roll, hemp paper is a great option if you’re venturing out of wood pulp papers for the first time .

The papers hemp have a mild flavor that does not interfere with the taste of grass. They also have an added advantage: hemp crops are space efficient, fast growing and good for ground cleaning, so they can be a more sustainable option than standard papers.

Some examples of natural hemp rolling papers that you can enjoy include:

Rice Rolling Papers

The rice papers are as selecting the professional way to wind because they are more delicate and thin. But once you master them, get ready to roll some championship joints . Many people choose rice papers because they do not interfere with the burning of the herb and  make the cannabis flavor profile really stand out. If you are looking for a longer, quality session with your friends, rice papers are a great option.

If you are interested in trying rice roll papers, we suggest:

Ultra-fine rolling paper

Once you have the confidence to handle thin papers, ultrathin papers are the next challenge . Ultrathin papers from brands like OCB or RAW can be made of various materials, but the idea behind them all is the same: minimize the amount of paper when smoking. Ultra-thin papers help limit combustion for cleaner puffs, less cough and less ash. They can be a little more difficult to use than higher density papers, as there is more risk of breakage , but with a little practice, you will roll joints that are smoked as if they had no paper.

If you’re ready to take on your final title as a rotating art champion, the following ultra-thin roles are a great start:

And what about the filters?

There are many advantages to using filters for smoking marijuana , such as preventing you from inhaling harmful substances or cooling your puffs, which makes each puff more pleasant . Filters also help to make the most of marijuana without burning your fingers and make it easier to roll a joint, since being a rigid and structured element, it allows it to be given a good shape and greater consistency , making it more difficult the paper is torn or peeled off.

A solid filter is capable of creating good air flow. Therefore, smoking is easier with a filter: you will not have to inhale with too much force . Sometimes an overly pressed joint may be impossible to smoke. But with the help of a filter you will always get the maximum amount of air.

One of the options for smoking with filters is to buy them already manufactured. The second option is to opt for crafts and make them yourself. If you do not like origami and prefer to use manufactured nozzles , in the market you can find them of all sizes, shapes and materials. There are many brands, and each of them offers products with their own particularities.

For example, the RAW brand has several designs with different sizes and formats that offer a wide range to smokers. Among them there are some booklets aimed at the most expert smokers: you can choose between RAW Organic Filters , with a curvature that helps to flush the pore, or RAW Prerolled Filters , some filters that are sold already rolled to avoid any type of effort, if You’re not good at rolling the mouthpiece.