How many grams of marijuana go into a joint

How many grams of marijuana go into a joint

Hardly anyone is weighing or calculating how much grass they are putting in the beck when it comes to thinking. However, many more curious users or even when they are in the breeze are left with this doubt: after all, how many grams of marijuana go in a joint? This questioning is common and has become a topic in the forum. And it is not just to know the exact weight of a beck, but mainly to get a sense of how many grams of grass it takes to have at least one beck or who knows the minimum to make one that will be more plating.

That’s why to know how many grams of marijuana go into a joint, you need to know what kind of joint will be made. It is possible to create thin and small becks, known as “cricket legs”, or big and thick, which are the famous “gorilla finger” or “bombonas”. Creativity has no limits at this time and you can make joints of the most different sizes, and with several or few grams of marijuana.

A thin one is economical in grams

Anyone who wants to save marijuana or just doesn’t want to get used to it often tends to be “thin”. And it doesn’t take a gram to come up with one of these. To make a “thin” joint, just 0.5 grams on average is enough. This may also be the solution for when the herb is running low, and only a few “brans” are left for consumption. Some people come up with less grams and cut the silk so that it doesn’t taste so much like paper.

What everyone agrees is that even though it is “thin”, when marijuana is good, a few grams already promote a cool breeze, and many times this is even better before doing any activity.

How many grams of marijuana go on a normal joint

This is probably the most frequent question, because after all we are talking about the most consumed size of joint: the normal one. And when we speak normal, we understand the joint based on a 1 1/4 silk that is the traditional size and smaller than a King Size only in length. Knowing how many grams of marijuana go in a joint like this is also more difficult because it depends on how thick it will be and even the size of the cigarette holder.

However, the most experienced users and makers are unanimous in stating that a joint of normal size takes around 1 gram to 1.2g more or less. With that amount, you can get nice and get more people in one session. If the grass is good then the breeze is more than certain.

Shaping a Cone

The one based on the shape of a cone, as the name implies, begins with a certain thickness and gets thicker, thus becoming the shape of a cone used to signal traffic or works that many love to collect. So, whoever comes up with a cone can already have this in mind or as inspiration.

In addition, the cone is more recommended for King Size silks, because then it will get bigger and the difference from one side to the other will be noticeable. When done well, there are those who even feel sorry for setting fire. But how many grams of marijuana goes into a joint then? From 1.5g upwards for sure. You can make a 2g cone or even more. The important thing in this case is the format you want to achieve.

A few grams of marijuana go in a bombona

Anyone who wants to get a general feel and thinks that the cone will not handle the session usually comes up with the famous “bombonas”, which actually receive different names in each USAian state. Some people call this type of joint Gorilla Finger or Huck, Dynamite, Bomb, and even Missile. And it is not for less, because the idea is that it looks like this. There are those who take risks and ball the “bombonas” even in classic 1 1/4 silks, however the ideal is to make them in King Size silks.

To make a “bombona”, usually about 3 grams of marijuana are used, which is really a good amount to put people in the breeze. However, you can do with more, of course.

The 5 gram joint

In this case, the name itself says how many grams of marijuana will be needed to make this joint. The 5 gram beck is famous for having that exact amount of herb already, which is enough to smoke alone like that at once, but it can be a lot of fun to share with some friends to get everyone on board.

You can make the 5 gram beck with King Size silks, or with those ready-made cones that some brands already sell, in addition to a very traditional way too: Bisedal, that is, using two silks stuck together so that more marijuana can be added.