Five gifts for weed Smokers

Five gifts for weed Smokers

Today is Valentine’s Day and the special list of the week is ten gifts that any cannabis boyfriend or girlfriend would simply love, or rather, marolar. It is true that they are all things that can be easily found in the gringa, but what to do ?! No doubt she, or he, deserves it and it would be pure enjoyment for the couple! Come on?!

Eating and Chapando – Who doesn’t like it?!

The bibliography abroad is vast for cookbooks with marijuana. Here there are good blogs that contain different content about recipes with ganja. Hempadao is still preparing a culinary vlog that has everything to stand by! If ebay doesn’t roll over to buy the book and give it away, then at least present Hempa, which we guarantee cannabis information and entertainment munchies.

This gift is to be tasted throughout the year. A cannabis recipe book must also be accompanied by good self-cultivation, after all, it is even possible to cook with the press, but it is not ideal. If you can provide not only the book but also the content for the recipes, then, well … you really are a perfect boyfriend (a)! Hehehehe.

RollaBoard – Smoke Platform

The name may sound strange and punishable. But why not use Rolla on Valentine’s Day ?! Oops.

The thing is that if you are looking for a rolling board that is functional and has a classic style, Rollaboard is the way to go. It is 100% bamboo, very well done. Great for the breakfast table or to show to the guests, without explanation. For those who do not have the practice, it gives a good moral. And for the experts, it is a place where everything is stored, silk, bowl, grinder. An excellent gift!

A bag made of hemp ?!

Pothead women would undoubtedly love getting a bag made of marijuana as a gift. It is not for smoking, but you can show everyone at work / college what is capable of making hemp fiber, hemp, resistant like no other in nature. A beautiful symbolism for Valentine’s Day: a unique and durable item.

It is true that the scholarship feminized the gift. But the male variant could be a hemp backpack, or any item in the complete line shirt, pants, blouse, wallet, in short… there is everything!

Cannabis Cream Kit

The cosmetics industry has already gone far! A kit of cannabis creams would certainly be very successful for any connoisseur of the herb. This dispenses description.

Strawberries with Cannabis Chocolate

Criolo released: “Strawberries are only good with black on the side”, if you know nothing. Although he is already too crazy. Imagine if you live with a cannabis habit. Enjoy maximum flavor and ultra-sense. Shaving a cannabis strawberry is unimaginable for many stoners out there. But it is already possible for sure! Don’t forget that when ingested, cannabis takes longer to take effect than when it is smoked. So don’t overdo it! Eat and wait for about 30 minutes to feel the effect!