Cannabis can improve the economy and trade

Cannabis can improve the economy and trade

How can cannabis improve the economy and trade seems like a strange question, but let’s see what happened in America after the legalization of marijuana in some states.

The legalization of marijuana in America (in some states) was a big win for society. But why has legalization had such a great effect on American society? In the end, the reason is always the same; money. The US government has benefited from the taxation of legal cannabis by raising a lot of money in every state where it has been legalized.

In addition, we must take into account the taxes that arise from distributors and delivery services. The legalization of marijuana has given the United States the opportunity to slow down medical costs. Hemp, cannabis and marijuana are natural and easy to grow.

Legal cannabis in America

Homegrown indoor pot plants and leaves

Early research on CBD oil and its beneficial effects on epilepsy, cancer and fibromemia shows some very interesting promise. America is going through a massive crisis involving drug addiction and opiate addiction. This problem is not limited to slums or African American areas. It affects young and old, rich and poor, black and white.

Cannabis economy and trade

A recent study found that in states where marijuana is legal, the overdose rate has dropped by almost twenty-five percent since the introduction of legal marijuana. An incredible result that cannot be ignored. The marijuana helps you relax, lets you recover better from a bad day and to calm down.

Weed is also an easy and safe choice for giving people time to fix things, not panic and not do rash things.

Government spending against marijuana

Governments, not just the American one, spend a lot of money fighting marijuana. This war is a failure, or at least the one against marijuana. The United States spends billions of dollars a year to fight a war on marijuana that it has already lost. Getting illegal marijuana in America is pretty easy and cheap, high quality and easy to use.

In America hundreds of millions of dollars can be saved by legalizing and taxing marijuana as well as in other countries of the world. You can take this money by taxing legalized marijuana and investing it in other directions. Recently, the United States has learned a valuable lesson about the war on drugs.

The legalization of marijuana in its very partial forms across the country is causing huge problems on the black market. The price of marijuana has become very low due to large supplies around the world. Once the price of marijuana is significantly lowered, everyone on the black market won’t make enough money to keep their business on the market.

The price of marijuana is set to go down. There are miles of miles of marijuana legalization facilities and cultivation fields around the world. Within a few years, the world will be flooded with so much marijuana that many illegal growers will go out of business.

Legalization of marijuana

The days when legal marijuana advocates were thought to be only a handful of people are long gone. Marijuana has shown benefits for many medical conditions, not to mention psychological ones. As seen in America, in nineteen states that used a medical marijuana program and three that used both recreational and medical programs, the money created in taxes was a huge economic benefit to the United States.

After the legalization of marijuana in some states in America, there have been no cases of zombie apocalypse as some people claimed. Conversely, juvenile marijuana use has plummeted and tax revenues and business have increased. Jobs have been created, people have spent money on marijuana, and health has actually improved.

Furthermore, the crime rate has decreased. Marijuana can’t solve all the problems in the world but it can start to change the way we think about our future and can help solve many problems.