Alternative ways to smoke cannabis without using paper, pipes, or ‘bongs’

Alternative ways to smoke cannabis without using paper, pipes, or ‘bongs’

There are the classic ones such as substituting the contents of a tobacco cigarette or using a hot knife, but also others as surprising as using chewy candy or smoking the whole bud directly with your hands. Whatever you choose, perhaps you will never miss a pipe or a paper book again, because with these homemade tricks, someone who doesn’t smoke is because they don’t want to.

One of the most anticipated moments of the day has arrived, the one in which you delight in the pleasure of smoking marijuana . Alone, with friends … It doesn’t matter: the goal is to enjoy. However, sometimes inconveniences arise: we have run out of paper when the tobacconists are closed or we do not find the pipe among our mountain of junk.

But there is no need to despair. There are many ways to smoke cannabis that do not need the paper, the pipe or the vaporizer. They are ideal for contingencies and also for handymen, as some of them require skill and effort. Also, for those who want to get out of the routine of the traditional. Of course, marijuana can not be forgotten, because without it we are nothing.

With the tobacco of a lifetime

To begin with, in the absence of good paper they are cakes. Although for some it can be a complete way of the cross, a classic when rolling stock is scarce is to use a tobacco cigarette, empty its contents by breaking it through the filter and introduce our preferred cannabis mixture instead. Of course, if you do not want the effect to be very strong or you do not want to ingest too much smoke, replace the filter or use a new one.

Taking a knife out of the kitchen

If there are not even cigarettes around the house, you can try a knife: put some marijuana in it (although it is better if you do it with hashish ) and circle a small flame under that surface until you can inhale the smoke that is being released. A very simple method that surely makes you miss the paper, but less is nothing. However, be careful not to drop and stain your clothes or the ground or burn your hands.

With toilet paper roll

There are other not so simple methods but they surprise by their madness. For example, using a cardboard cylinder like the ones on toilet paper. Make a hole with a pen near one of the edges: there you will put a bowl made of aluminum foil whose shape you will make taking the one of the tip of the pen. To inhale the smoke, cover one end with your hand (it should always be kept like this), burn the grass and suck on the other end, in which you can put toilet paper to cover and uncover as convenient. This method requires paying attention to the roll, as it could burn without meaning to. And nobody wants to breathe in the smoke from the burned cardboard.

An ice pipe

On the other hand, if your pipe or ‘bong’ has suddenly changed to a better life , you can build a house (or something similar) … with ice . Of course, keep in mind that it will end up melting, although it will be a very slow process if the temperature of the outside is not high.

For this, you need patience and craftsmanship. First, freeze two bowls filled with water, in whose center you will have placed two smaller diameter bowls, fixed with adhesive tape in the center, so that the concave shape of the ‘bong’ remains. Remove the shapes obtained and join them by melting the edges a little in a pan. Freeze again to get the base of the ‘bong’. For the neck, look for a cylindrical mold; for example, plastic cups with a PVC tube in the middle. Fill it with water and freeze it. Depending on the height you want for the neck, you may have to make several cylindrical molds. Don’t worry: to join the pieces, repeat the operation of melting the edges a little and put them back in the freezer to fix them.

Now it’s time to join the neck and the base. With the help of a lighter, make a hole in the center of the sphere until you reach the inside; there you will place the neck piece. Then repeat the process at the angle you want for the marijuana nozzle. We warn you that both will be slow processes, but waiting will allow you to have a very original pipe.:

With aluminum foil

If you don’t have that much time and prefer something faster, you can create a container with aluminum foil . Of course, you have to take into account that they are recommended for single use only as long as there is no other better option. To do this, cut a piece of paper (clean and as smooth as possible) about 30 centimeters long and wide. Fold it in half twice, taking care not to break it, until you have a square or rectangle about 15 centimeters long. Now roll it up into a cone; You can help yourself by placing a pencil or a pen on what would be the vertex and then it would help you bend the cone to make a curved shape. There you must place the smoking material.

With a plastic bottle

Another option is to take a plastic bottle like water or soda and make two holes. One of them, with the help of a screwdriver or other sharp object (use a lighter if necessary), in the plug, the place that will serve as a ceramic bowl to carry the grass; another, perhaps with a cigarette or with a lighter and scissors, in the body of the bottle, at the height you want and not very large. Put a tube like a pen here and line it with gum or electrical tape so that the smoke doesn’t escape.

Now, over the hole in the stopper, place aluminum foil, which will serve as a particular ceramic bowl. Squeeze it over the hole you made and make new ones so that the smoke continues to pass into the bottle. Burn the grass and vacuum through the tube on the side. Another option is to place the herb  and bowl on the side and vacuum through the mouth.