What should I expect during my exam appointment?

Patients who come for a Riverside or an Victorville Medical Marijuana recommendation can expect to have their blood pressure and pulse taken. Our doctors will review your medical history, perform a targeted physical exam, and answer any questions you may have.

Can anyone make an appointment for a consultation?

Yes, we are able to examine anyone who feels as though medical cannabis may help them with their condition.

How do I make an appointment?

Call our toll free to reach medical marijuana recommendation clinic to make an appointment with our doctors.

Do I need to bring any medical records to my appointment?

Medical marijuana patients must provide medical records that list the diagnosis. Patients can also bring in their prescription bottles.

Do you report my name to anyone else?

No, we enforce Hippa laws. Everything you tell us stays confidential.

What if I don’t have any medical records to bring?

Our doctors will go over your condition with you and may give you a temporary letter of recommendation. You will be required to bring medical records at your next appointment to continue your recommendation for medical cannabis (you will be able to purchase medical cannabis after your first evaluation appointment).

Can you refer me to a doctor that can verify my condition so I may get a medical cannabis recommendation?

will try to advise you on the type of medical professional you should go to. (e.g chiropractor, sports med, or appropriate specialist for your medical condition). We will also supply you with a list of free clinics. Medical marijuana recommendations will be provided once you have a medical professional verify your condition.

Do I get a medical card for my wallet?

We supply you with a letter of recommendation this is what you need to purchase medical cannabis legally. No dispensary or law enforcement accepts medical ID cards. (ONLY A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION WITH OUR DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE IS ACCEPTED.)

Can I have more than one recommendation letter?

Yes, at your request we will print you a additional recommendation letter with our doctor’s signature at no addition cost.

How often can I go to purchase medical Cannabis with my medical recommendation letter?

You can go as needed to purchase sufficient cannabis to control the symptom(s) of your medical condition. Most recommendations will be effective for one year after all medical records are reviewed and deem you to be an appropriate candidate for medical cannabis.

What do I do after one year?

You make an appointment for a re-evaluation to renew your recommendation.

Will I be able to get off my medication?

Our patients are often able to drastically reduce and even at times eliminate some of their medications, including prescription pain, sleeping, and anti-anxiety medications. Any changes to your medication regimen will need to be guided by your primary medical caregiver.